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The article I read was the DENFAIR 2018 - Australia finally has a design fair with heart, posted by Design Daily. DENFAIR is Australia’s leading destination for contemporary design for professional designers, architects, interior stylists and design-lovers. DENFAIR has become the connection point where today hundreds of local and international brands come together in their passion for design to utilize DENFAIR as a platform for business growth and opportunity. I was fascinated reading about all the different designers and their collaborations with DENFAIR. One designer that really stood out to me was, Volker Haug. Volker Haug's designs are focused in lighting. His designed are unique and are at the forefront for the push for more experimental concepts. I was really inspired by this, and would love to visit the DENFAIR in the future.

If you would like to read more about the DENFAIR here's a link to the article


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  1. I think the visuals of this contemporary design are very interesting to look at. The simplicity and statement of the lighting really makes a statement and I would love to hear more behind the reason for the design and how the addition of plants plays a role in this contemporary work.

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