Exercise 101 – A Modern Workspace in Portland // Lauren Ong

The modern workspace is constantly evolving to advance communication effectively and translate work flow energy into a comfortable environment for it's employees. In this Portland-based tech company, Pliskin Architecture, in collaboration with GBD architects, mindfully designed the interior of this 12,000 square foot workspace. As a designer, these designs encourage the utilization of space effectively. While the space required private rooms for offices and smaller board meetings, the concept remained open using wooden diagonal slats to provide a sense of privacy without completely isolating the space. Through this article, I was reminded to evaluate the needs of the workplace employees and to ask myself what kind of office would help a company run smooth. The layout of an office must accommodate the different levels of the employees that work there, while also keeping an open dialogue between each level.

Link to Original Article - "A Portland-Based Office That Colorfully Merges Co-Working and Solo Workspaces"


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  1. I like the idea of using design in architecture to create an open space. Your thought process of evaluating how architecture should consider the workplace needs is a great point.

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