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Planter Box House

Located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, this 3 story building stands out in its urban neighborhood. Designed by local studio, Formzero, as a house for retired couples who are interested in growing foods and farming. With cascading concrete planter boxes filled with 40 edible plants, the Planter box house is categorized as a sustainable living and self-sufficiency building. The building also has a small irrigation system that promotes storm water retention, recycling nutritious resources and rainwater, allowing water control of each planter box. The first planter box was built around an existing jasmine tree, which acts as a "urban furniture, that connects between the couple and their neighbor."  The other recessing planter boxes act as additional public space for the neighborhood , that creates a strong visual contrast.


Planter Box House by Formzero is a concrete home covered in edible plants

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  1. The contrast between the other houses in the neighborhood and the Plantar Box house is stunning, as well as the contrast between the plants and the concrete within the house itself. I’m all in for this project, understanding sustainable living and the necessity for self sufficient buildings is the next big step we need to take as a society.

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