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Olympic House by 3XN Architects

"Inside Olympic House, the Olympics’s Exceptional New HQ That Seamlessly Blends Into the Environment"

The new headquarters for the International Olympic Committee has become an environmentally conscious powerhouse. Located in Lausanna, Switzerland, by a park, this modern building incorporates a series of elements such as movement all throughout. The park flows into the building, appearing as if the building surfaced from the ground itself. The rooftop consists of solar panels, which provide 10% of the building's electricity. As for the interior, circular staircases appear interlocked, alluding to the Olympic rings. The small details within the building does not go unnoticed, one example being the ability to modify the temperature in lighting in each workspace. Finally, this sustainable building was built with about 95% of material from the previous headquarters. I find this article to be an inspiration for future designers. With current environmental challenges, this article is relatable to current events and pushes designers to not overlook the impact designing can have on the environment, this impact either being positive or negative.

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Photo: https://inspiration.detail.de/technology-olympic-house-inlausanne-114660.html?slideraccess=1&lang=en

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