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The Shard:

The Shard is an impressive skycraper designed by Renzo Piano. It resides in London and is the tallest building in Western Europe standing at 310 Meters tall. One reason why this skyscraper is such an amazing piece of architecture is that it was constructed with a glass facade, which reflects sunlight throughout the day. The Shard at sunset is one of the many great spectacles of the London skyline.

For more details on The Shard check out this article:

  • https://www.archdaily.com/327150/the-shard-opens-to-the-public?ad_source=search&ad_medium=search_result_all

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  1. What an enormous building, but beautiful and something that definitely catches your eye. The glass façade must be super bright on the bright days. I can’t imagine how tricky that gets with the reflection of the sun on those really bright days.

  2. Hi Ali! It is a very interesting top to this skyscraper. Space is lost at the higher levels because of the smaller floors but it may be made up by the number of floors of the building. More and more architects are designing monuments with curves, twists and bends. Very interesting. Thanks! rth

  3. I really like the design of The Shard. In my opinion, the design of The Shard is very successful. First of all, its huge volume and unique quadrangular prism shape give it a high degree of recognition, making it enough to become a well-known landmark. On the other hand, it shrinks upwards as a whole, and the good mirror effect of the facade makes it light and not bulky, and it will not give the surrounding buildings a sense of depression due to the excessive volume.

  4. I love Renzo Piano’s quite literal representation of a glass shard building with the full glass facade and the purposely “broken” look to the tapered point, it not only adds character, but helps to combat the wind. Familiar design elements like points and holes that cut through modern skyscrapers in a seemingly decorative way, actually serve the purpose of reducing how much a high-rise building vibrates and sways in the wind.

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