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Integrating Vegetation Indoors By Antonia Pineiro

Many homes today have little if not any vegetation in or on the property due to various reasons. But there are benefits in having plants and vegetation in and outdoors, from aesthetic improvements to practical improvements. The Article by author Antonia Pineiro, from ArchDaily  presents four methods of including plants in your home. These ideas include simple planters housing a single plant to green walls that incorporate many plants or on large one.

Link to the full article:  https://www.archdaily.com/966968/green-walls-trellises-flower-displays-and-plant-pots-integrating-vegetation-indoors

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  1. I admire the greenery and the warmth it brings to a room. Upon reading the article provided, I see how adding plants to a space accentuates its decorative factor as well as its temperature regulating benefits.

  2. I’m impressed by the number of creative ways in which indoor plants can be used in homes. Living green walls seem especially interesting for their use of verticality.

  3. I actually enjoy having small pants in my home because it makes me feel like I have a piece of the outside with me to enjoy all by myself. I actually just bought a little bamboo plant for my kitchen and can’t wait to see it grow…eventually I might have to bring it outside though depending on how big it gets!

  4. I enjoy seeing greenery added to indoor spaces, and we see it more now than ever after plant sales exploded during the pandemic. I have over 20 plants indoor, and double that outside. It can add appeal to a room, and you can even create a greenery wall of moss, or hanging stag horns. The options are endless, and they can improve your air quality!

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