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The Villa Vals is an usually home built in 1996 and located in the rural hillsides of Switzerland. The article explains how although the building is extremely modern in design it does a great job of blending into its natural surroundings. There were also a few complications with constructing the building that the architect found interesting solutions to like turning the well they accidently struck during construction into a permanent water source for the building itself.

Article link: The Villa Vals By Dima Stouhi

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  1. This building is very unique. The way that it creates a sort of cylinder is kind of strange to look at in an image. I can only imagine what it would be like to visit in the real world. It reminds me of both Luke’s home on Tatooine in Star Wars and the Hobbit Burrows in LOTR. I also like the sort of bunker feel on the inside. This just seems like a really amazing place to live.

  2. the design is interesting subtle and smart. I can see how the designers used the hill to their advantage and dug inside the house they were going for.

  3. I love how the architect turned one of the accidents into a whole new idea and used it to make the space more functional. It’s nice to see that the whole structure didn’t even rise above the surface of the hill.

  4. I really liked how the building blends in with the landscape, I did not like the shape of the building too much and I also wonder how it would deal with rain. Beside those little things I really liked the pathway which looks incredibly natural and the open windows seem to provide the building with a lot of natural light.

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