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Church of the Light

The Church of the Light is designed by Tadao Ando and located in Ibaraki, Japan. It emphasized harmony with nature by making a cross in the room a negative space so that light can come through the cross. Besides, there are no extra ornaments in the room because the architect believes in minimalism.

Here is an interesting link to the Church of the Light from ArchDaily:

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  1. I’ve always loved this church, as there’s something very symbolic to me about the cross being the only light entering the room. The structure is almost dreary and inspiring at the same time, and I feel like it is a place where you would leave it feeling tranquil and content with life.

  2. I was also shocked by his idea to use the natural sun light to describe the cross. The coolness and darkness of the concrete emphasizes the warmness and brightness of the sun light.

  3. Hi Hip,
    I really like your choice. I went through the link you provided and saw more Images of the church of the light, it looks even more interesting from the outside. especially the black and grey finishing.

  4. This is a Beautiful idea and was executed amazingly. If I remember correctly there was some dispute over putting glass in the cross or not.

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