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Why Cob House is an Eco-Friendly Building Option

The construction and maintenance of architecture is responsible for close to half of the United States' carbon emissions. In order for us to have a healthy planet in the future, we need to start changing the way we build. Cob houses have been around for centuries and use materials found on site. This means that the cost of building and the impact on the environment is much lower. Cob is naturally fire-resistant and maintains indoor temperatures fairly well. The environmental impact is significantly lower than modern homes due to the building materials and natural energy-saving thermal regulation. The material's moldable nature leaves plenty of room for expression while building so anyone can make their ideal home. If the building is ever demolished it will not pollute the earth because the materials were sourced from the site.

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  1. Hello, Paige! Great name… it is my middle name, after all.

    We have more than a name in common: a shared interest in eco-friendly/focused construction. When I learned last spring about how much pollution comes directly from NEW construction projects, I turned toward restoration and environmentally-driven designs. These Cobb houses are so inspirational, I’m curious to see if Contra Costa allows such “non-traditional” buildings to be constructed in the county. Thanks for sharing a great article!

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