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Park Guell

Park Guell is in Barcelona and was designed by Antonio Gaudi. It was never fully completed and was intended to be Guell’s private city before it became city property in 1923. Gaudi found a way to incorporate art into all the buildings making them different from normal buildings. He made everything into an art piece that was fun to look at.

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  1. Park Guell you post looks really classic and fancy. Low walls of colorful tiles looks beautiful, and Barcelona’s scenery people can see at the park is also attractive. I found some other images of Park Guell, and I identify there is gazebos at the top of the park. The brown tone gazebo symbolize how long the park has been kept up as famous landmark.

  2. This picture looks very nice with many colors! It must be very hard work to put colorful tiles on every surface of the buildings. I think we can feel something awesome from this architecture because of that hard work.

  3. Great choice, the Park Guell is an amazing architecture feature in that city. with its vibrant color mosaic benches, and the picks of the colorful towers, gives the city a breathtaking third dimension

  4. Great pick with this one. Gaudí’s work is world renowned, but Park Guell’s beauty stands out in an already vibrant city. It’s an artistic attraction, but also a space cherished by locals.

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