Exercise 101 David Howe. Small Living Spaces.

This is an article from ArchDaily.com talking about house plans for under 550 sq ft. I think designing for a confined space forces you to be creative in your design, whether it is for a house, apartment, or workspace.


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I’m a family man with 2 kids, 2 dogs, and 2 cats. I’m an ex-fabricator, ex-bouncer, ex-gunsmith, ex-store manager, current wood worker, and now finally a student again!

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  1. You make a valid point about designing in small spaces. You must be very creative with how you utilize space and also very smart about what is necessary and what can be left behind. With small spaces like this, you must be very minimalist or not very materialistic. It is very interesting though and I think it would be so fun to build one of these “tiny houses.” I also think you are missing the URL like to your image just to let you know. But interesting find.

  2. I absolutely agree that when decorating or building a smaller space you have to be more creative and think outside the box. It really fascinates me that people can come up with unique styles that make smaller spaces look bigger! What a great picture to start out with.

  3. This idea seems like a fun and challenging way of living and building. I used to always look at small space designs for an apartment to get ideas. But I have seen people live in like shed sized houses and they are a Family! It definitely needs to be a creative building to figure out how to make things with multi-use or furniture that can be put away, like a fold-out desk or dining table. Nice topic!

  4. I think smaller apartments and homes will be more sought after as time progresses. Not only are tiny homes very popular right now but rising populations will eventually be a prominent problem and smaller living spaces can become one of the solutions to this.

  5. I love how the architect took a small space and made it look uncrowded. It reminds me of tiny houses and I’ve always been amazed at the way the architects make a small space functional.

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