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Natural Stone in Residential Projects and Interiors

Stone has been used in architectural design as far back as 4200 BC. While stones were used as structural elements throughout ancient history, modern designs make use of steel and concrete for construction. As a result, stones are now mainly used as decorative elements of interior design. Stones that are incorporated into modern designs add a natural texture and tone that contrasts with modern steel, glass, and concrete elements.

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  1. I really like how the rock wall makes this interesting difference between modern black steel, and new elegant linoleum, it makes the house look more appealing to the eye and have this change and not just be some same object with no difference at all.

  2. I agree with you, stones can create a natural texture. I also think the stone in the picture above creates a minimalist aesthetic. Each different stone creates a different concept, for example, marble can create a more luxurious feeling, while cobblestone creates a more earthy feeling. I enjoyed this article. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I like the design of these modern homes that are becoming more common where they use more glass and have an open concept because of the glass. The stone wall contrasts well with the wood flooring and roof, as well as making it look unique.

  4. I really love the blend of materials here. I think that the incorporation of stone wood and metal in modern buildings creates this soothing energy to the environment I feel like it really molds the residential buildings into the environment especially with the greenery added by the plants and trees.

  5. i really like how the stone wall make the modern house more natural. i like how combining wood, glass and stone to build a modern house creates
    a strong bond with the environment in tradition way.

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