EXERCISE 101 Delphi LUX, Cinema

A cinema opened in 2017, its interior was designed by Patrick Batek, Ester Bruzkus, Martina Durrant. The designer created many hierarchies by basic geometric shapes. From the public space like ticket office to each auditorium, they use the light to separate the walls, floors by triangles, triangles which makes it more interesting. Also, the color of the line can be changed due to the use of the RGB-LED technology. This design makes the cinema vivid.

Links to the Cinema

  • https://www.archdaily.com/897701/delphi-lux-cinema-batek-architekten-plus-ester-bruzkus-architekten

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  1. This looks like a very cool and well thought out design and I do think that movie theaters are a place that are visited often yet their appearance has not changed as much in the recent years. I like this

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