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The article written by Hana Abdel shows a building constructed in Gyeongseo-Dong South Korea by Design Group Collabo this last year.

I found the overall style of the building seems to be modern Architecture with the use of open spaces and the use of shapes. The building has 3 floors and it mostly uses a grayish color which seems to be close to how concrete looks, the positioning of bedrooms seem to be intended for a family of 4 with the main bedroom in the middle and two one the top.

Some interesting features are the use of windows especially how one side is almost filled with large windows or openings while on the other side it is enclosed hiding only a couple small windows. The roof looks somewhat unfitting to the overall theme, thanks to the positioning of rooms and windows it gives the building a sense of being closed to the public (so like the street and other houses), while being completely open on the opposite side.

Personally I liked the color pallet even if I'm not really a fan of just one color, grey in this case gives the building a modern look. A small touch is how the guest room is like... right next to the bathroom, guests have no reason to dwell into other parts of the house which it automatically makes this building 10x better.

source: https://www.archdaily.com/965483/house-lm-design-group-collabo

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  1. I like the balance that windows in this design provides. When observing them, you can see they are align making the facade to be balanced. The porch is captivating since it is not an enclosed one yet it provides the feeling of protecting your vehicle.

  2. The colors on this building work really well together. The asymetry on the gate, windows and the cladding on the walls create an abstract feel to the building that makes it appear somewhat less rigid than if it were clean, symmetrical measurements all around.

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