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Guatemalan Architecture

The link below belongs to an article that has a list of interesting buildings that can be found in Guatemala City, this article can be used as a guide for tourists with 5 different routes meant to "provoke a reflexive, analytical and critical observation of the environment".


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  1. This building definitely provoked a reaction from me. The symbols that are carved on the front are abstract and may mean something but they may not. The building is pretty unnatural compared to other buildings.

  2. I really like this article. I’m from Colombia and I think Central and South America has beautiful architecture. Some of the buildings and sculptures in the article look like Picasso paintings but with indigenous style. We can also notice that modernists also worked in Central America.

  3. I really enjoyed all the different architectural designs for each structure. The library whilst semi-modern, the front has very abstract features to the structure. Some of it has carvings that relate to Picasso’s art. The other building that really stood out was the Cultural Center relating to almost an Aztec design. This is definitely something that should be put on a “bucket list” for architects.

  4. I could identify how the Guatemala city is developed in terms of architecture. Those buildings are useful structures to introduce the city, also It was good opportunity to see the harmony between the tradition and modern buildings of Guatemala City. The stone-like exterior texture of the building seems to add to the classical atmosphere.

  5. I like this building so much. Actually, when I have a first look of this building I think it’s work of art but not an architecture. Also, the embossment also represnt cultural context.

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