Why Reusing Buildings Should and Must be the Next Big Thing – Exercise 101 – Ekaterina Svetlysheva

"Why Reusing Buildings Should and Must be the Next Big Thing", the article written by Mark Alan Hewitt, represents authors view on a current state of buildings preservation and the importance of rethinking a prevailing purpose-built approach in a modern architecture world. Briefly introducing reader to the history of buildings reconstruction and it's influence on the environment using as examples both unsuccessful and award-winning refurbishment architecture projects, the author acknowledges benefits of sustainability spending and adaptive reuse. 


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  1. This should go without saying, as long as the bones are considered safe. The idea of using pre-existing structures for other purposes than originally intended is simply amazing and usually provides an amazing canvas for new designers, architects and contractors to work with.

  2. Makes sense to reuse old buildings instead of demolishing them to build new ones. Saves on resources, and preserves some historical context. Interesting article.

  3. I think its a neat idea, upgrading a building instead of demolishing it. Also reusing a building may be more efficient as it’ll save time and money.

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