[EXERCISE 101] Elena Gutierrez – Chromatic Station

Instead of designing the traditional closed office space, the Chromatic Station created an environment allowing transperency and open area around the work space.




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  1. Although I can appreciate the sentiment behind wanting to try a more ‘open’ cubicle layout, but -to me- this seems a little too much. I think I’d like it for it’s colorfulness/ gleam for a while -setting aside the transparency’- before it became an annoyance, honestly.

  2. What an interesting find-the colorful panels really get your attention. Wondering how it would feel to spend a full work day inside one of those cubicles, though…maybe the concept could be used more effectively in small doses.

  3. While I appreciate the concept of a compromise between an open office and cubicles, as well as the aesthetics of the colored glass, it is hard to know if in practice this won’t be overstimulating and if it will be an enjoyable work environment.

  4. I don’t know how productive this space would be for me personally, but the bright colors, fluorescent lights, and funky lights are certainly a mood. Perfect for office parties at least :-p

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