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Title: POINT/ triostudio

Author: HAN Shuangyu

Summary: The article generally introduces the design concept of a commercial experience tea house named POINT, which is located in Nanjing, China. Unlike usual retail business, POINT is designed to let customers feel its interior space in brand culture. The main idea of the whole design concept is creating a simple and lively space; therefore, solid wood furnishings and green landscapes design have been used the most in the store. The designer also utilized the space into two-story high ceiling for an extension of a new transitional open area.

Why I think it is interesting: Frankly speaking, this type of architectural design is my favorite, that's why I immediately felt interested in this article when I saw it. I am always into Muji-style Japanese architectural design because I love how simple and clean their designs are. I also think simple sustainable design is a new trend now, so I'd highly recommend young designers to learn from this type of design.

URL: point-triostudio?ad_source=search&ad_medium=projects_tab

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