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Swiss Cat Ladders: Documenting & Deconstructing Feline-Friendly Infrastructure

This article talks about the community lead cat ladders installed thought Europe. The article piqued my interest because it metered my two passions: cats and design. The article describes how communities leverage not only ladders, to grant indoor cats safer mobility and access to the outside, but also ramps, bridges floating platforms, and even spiral staircases.

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  1. This is so awesome! I also have a love of cats and I love that the people of Switzerland can come together and build these structures for cats. I wonder if, with the growing population and the growing need for housing, architects will incorporate these pet-friendly elements into their design when constructing stacked living spaces like apartment buildings. Very cool!

  2. I am a huge cat person and am surprised and glad to hear that there are communities in Europe that respect them. I have always seen cat ladders indoors, but having them be an environmental thing for indoor and outdoor is awesome. There are some pretty cool designs that I enjoy, like the ones attached to apartment complexes. I wonder what other pet-friendly designs are out there or can be explored.

  3. I don’t dare show this to my daughter, she would insist we get to building cat projects right away! I think its a nice way for a community to come together and get to know each other, and allows for personal inspiration to solve building constraints.

  4. I love this, and it also makes me think of ways to incorporate structures like these for pedestrians in places like Los Angeles and New York with extreme amounts of vehicle traffic.

  5. I like animals so much, so this building with the cat looks very nice. The most impressive part for me is that the structure of the ladder is very diverse. This building was designed through a ladder of various structures, which can give more pleasure to cats and make the building cooler.

  6. This animal friendly architecture is a very interesting concept. I know that here in the states overpasses have been made on certain roads to give animals a safe passage from one side to the other. I wonder what other animal friendly structures will be made in the coming future.

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