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I found this article about the iPhone SE, which is one of my personal favorite iPhone designs. I like this design not only because its simple and sleek, but also because I own one. Unlike the newer phones it still has buttons and a headphone jack. I also like it due to its size, it does feel like a iPad in my pocket. The aluminum finish feels good and the the buttons still flow with the rest of the design, they don't look they obtrude the design. Its weird the think that a couple of years ago this phone felt futuristic and advanced, especially the the fingerprint ID, but now most people view as an old and outdated design. Its also a rugged durable feeling design, compared to new phones with curved screens and glass on the back I feel its able to take a little abuse, for me its not a big deal if I drop it and if I do break its cheap enough to replace. Another big thing its the User Interface, despite being older its supported by apple so has the same IOS as newer phones and its still pretty fast. For a new designer its a great template to design off of. Its simple and easy to replicate, and the basic design is now used as a generic image to represent a smart phone. Its a great designs that calls back to simpler time of the iPhone and smartphones in general.

Link to article: https://slate.com/technology/2016/05/the-iphone-se-is-a-design-classic.html

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