EXERCISE 101 – Jiazheng Zhao

Tower for Meditation and Views

A tiny tower built by Jumping House Lab in 2019 in a small artist community in Huzhou, China. Tiny Tower can provide an independent spiritual space for artists to work on art, while at other times, it can also be used as a unique guest room to receive guests.

If you want to learn more about the Tiny Tower, please follow the link below

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  1. Wow! that tower looks really amazing and original!
    I like the idea that it looks like a treehouse that is only superficially embedded even though it isn’t.

  2. I’ve always been fond of minimalistic structures, and this tower is no exception! I love how the architects divided the interior of the house into two parts, being the inward and outward halves. I also like how the inward half has a shaded area, while the outward half brings in sunlight. Details like this are always appreciated!

  3. I really like how its design and structure makes it resemble a treehouse! It’s unique and fun, I can see how it could be used to draw inspiration in artists.

  4. Very impressed with the building/project you chose to discuss what had caught my eye was the intricate beams holding the structure up off the ground, reminded me of a hand holding up the structure. Don’t even get me started on the spacious and unique interior!

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