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Urban Farming, or foodscaping, has been an up and coming idea over the past decade which promotes health and sustainability. Growing your own food in the long run will help save money, while keeping you active, having more fruits and vegetables in your life, and decreasing your carbon footprint on the environment by minimizing the use of chemicals/pesticides, and decreasing the reliance on fossil fuels for transportation of produce long distances. Any space can become a garden for edible plants.

Fun Fact: 80% of plants grown in Tomorrowland (in Disneyland Anaheim) are edible, because Walt wanted the plants tell the story of the space age, of sustainability, edible gardens of the future, and eco friendliness.

Article Source (ArchDaily): Click Here.

Image Source (CreativeCommons): "Edible garden at Pixie Hollow" by Myrna Litt is licensed with CC BY 2.0.

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  1. Urban farming’s contribution to achieving self-sustainability is a good concept. Hopefully, it will continue to rise in popularity.

  2. In can say from experience that growing your own produce is great your yourself and great for the neighborhood. I grow and maintain a lemon tree and it has provided me and my neighbors with lemons for years.

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