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Traditional High Pagoda Buildings

Pagoda buildings were influenced from the use of stupa, a dome like structure used to store relics and monuments. Pagoda buildings would eventually replace stupas in various, China being the first. Fun fact, there is a running gag in the old monster movie series "Godzilla" where the monster would destroy at least one Pagoda in every movie.

Pagoda | architecture | Britannica

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  1. I am assuming that Pagoda is referring to the way the building layered correct? I am always amazed to see how these types of buildings were built even before the modern technology that we have today.

  2. Cool featured photo. If I’m right, I think pagodas are typically seen in East Asian countries, but the photo kind of reminds me of some Hindu structures I’ve seen when travelling in India.

  3. I personally really enjoy traditional Chinese Architecture such as this Pagoda. I’ve always found Chinese Architecture so interesting because it looks completely different than the architecture here in the US.

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