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Sequence of L walls / Ikeda Yukie Ono Toshiharu Architects"

In this article the importance of the composition of a home is shown. The owners of the home really wanted their home to be open, they wanted the home to look spacious and to have a great view of the outside but they also wanted some privacy. In order to get this done the architects made the rooms so that they would be built in an L-shape. In the end the front of the rooms had large windows wear one could have a large view of the outside whereas the back of the room was more secluded resulting in more privacy. The way a home and even rooms are composed and even shaped shows the importance and delicacy of making a home to a young designer. There many things to maintain in consideration which the young designer needs to be aware of and in this case it was the desire of openness that lead to this composition of rooms.


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  1. I love the open air feel of the architecture. It really engages you with the setting that it was built in. The charcoal paneling on the exterior is very unique. I have never seen a house with such dramatic color on the outside. Being from here in the west coast, it reminds me (and probably most) of a burnt building. So it is quite a contrasting feeling walking up to something that looks to be smokey and wanting to hold your breath, while it is open air, fresh, and clear in reality.

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