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Cube Berlin

Cube Berlin is a smart office cubed shaped building located in Berlin, Germany. It contains a total of 10 floors and spans 42.5 meters in every direction. This structure is designed to provide people with convenient social experiences from the inside and out. The interior is laid out with plenty of office spaces while the exterior grabs the attention of pedestrians. Many bypassers are attracted to the beautiful reflections that the windows provide. This in turn causes the cube to have multiple different looks depending on what time of the day it is, adding an interesting aspect to its design.

Here is a link from Arch Daily that provides even more details about Cube Berlin:

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  1. I’ve never seen Cube Berlin before, but it’s extremely interesting. The way that the building reflects its surroundings, especially the blue sky in the picture, makes it look almost as if it could blend in but then the angular arches and concaves gives it a much more looming, almost threatening effect to it.

  2. The cube Berlin is truely one of a kind. It must have been complex to conceptualize and design a building that looks different under different lighting conditions.

  3. This is a new interpretation of “smart building”. What I am more use to is the smart futures geared towards carbon capture and climate control. The part where they talk about the “osmotic skin” sounded more in line with traditional smart feature.

  4. I love how the architect design the building to reflect the outdoor environment on the building. The different triangle on the building makes more interesting of the casting a shadow. I really love this kind of daylight changing building and found it really interesting.

  5. wow, this is very cool. I really like the futuristic design of this building. I really like the geometric angels of this rectangle shape building. The glass for the exterior just is next level.

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