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This is a traveling exhibit that showcases the work of modernist landscape architect Lawrence Halprin, whose techniques changed the profession.

Here is a link from ArchDaily.com

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  1. I am truly fascinated by this. The whole image makes me think of hovering, the platforms look as though they are floating, which gives you the feeling of a really relaxing mood and fascination.

  2. The sculpting of the “rocks” of the waterfall is reminiscent of columnar basalt. It looks natural yet man-made at the same time.

  3. I have great appreciation for this exhibit, it almost feels like a modernized botanical garden. I love how both the waterfall and platforms are asymmetrical but still feel harmonical in the overall scene.

  4. This is an interesting architecture in that a thin sheet on concretes are piled up and creates a playful ground for kids. The only concern in this architecture is the safety for then just in case they slipped off the rock and hit their heads on the edge of the sheet.

  5. This is a beautiful exhibit. I love how it is interactive. I find that interacting with art makes me appreciate it more. I also like how the architect used different materials like concrete and water.

  6. I’m very interested in this architecture because it blends into the surrounding tree and nature and also looks like small cascade and stones.

  7. I really like this place. The way these rocks were made stood out to me. Like flat sheets and the waterfall runs beneath it is so smooth to the eyes.

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