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The West Half Apartment complex

The West Half is an apartment complex designed by ODA New York. It has 465 apartments and can house around 1,000 residents. The building is located in Washington D.C. which contrasts all of the buildings that surround it because of its very modern design. It's most notable feature is the cascading floors. The floors are stacked downward (or upwards depending on how you see it) and it creates enough space for a large terrace and a grand view of the buildings that surround it.

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By Loel Quevedo

Majoring in Architectural Design

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  1. The different aspects of this building really make it interesting to look at. I like how inviting it looks and how they implemented green design by putting in planters that change with the seasons. It really makes a huge difference when looking at the overall design of the structure.

  2. The apartment complex looks amazing, I love the design and how it seems to shift from right to left slowly until it reaches the top. I found the balcony interesting because it seems to be using the apartment below. I personally find the windows too big but you can always change that with a set of blinds or shades. Great post

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