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Product Design Student's Stab Wound Emergency Remediation Device

Joseph Bentley a product design student at Loughborough University for his final year project created a medical device named REACT (Rapid Emergency Actuated Tamponade) which is a game changing device that can save hundreds of lives a year. REACT is used for abdomen puncture wounds when inserted inside, the device creates pressure to stop hemorrhaging to the internal organs in under a minute. Why this is relevant to young designers is that Joseph Bentley honed in on a problem and found a solution that can be life changing for all people.

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Image: https://www.core77.com/posts/109382/Product-Design-Students-Stab-Wound-Emergency-Remediation-Device?utm_source=core77&utm_medium=from_tile_image

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  1. I have no words, this is sure a game changing device as you acknowledged in your post. Just thinking about what it can do and how it can be used if every single hospital would have it in their list of equipments. Maybe even Covid would not last as long as it is, but maybe this is just my fantasy.

  2. This is an interesting devise. It appears as though it could save many lives, especially if they could get it into the hands of first responders. I hope Joseph can get this patented and approved quickly.

  3. What a fantastic example of how good design can solve important real world problems! Excellent choice of article for this exercise, it really gets me thinking about how we could make a bigger difference in the world with how and what we decide to design.

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