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13 House Projects Enhanced by Landscape Design

Landscape Design has become more and more important to incorporate prior to and during the process of architectural design of residential and commercial spaces. In the past, landscape and plants were not thought of much outside of how they look, but what are the soil, temperature, light and water needs of those plants? What space is needed as they mature? Over time it has become clear that horticulturally-focused professionals are vital to the overall success of any architectural project that expects to have vegetative elements in and around their designs.

Here is a brief article with incredible photos of homes that flourish with a little help from landscape design.

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  1. I agree that horticulturally-focused professionals need to be involved when designing the landscape of the home. Too many times I have seen brand new palms planted in a full sun front yard, and I just walk by thinking “Well that’ll be dead by next week.” Also when considering planting grass, there are so many different kinds that people are not aware of. They just buy whatever home depot has and hope for the best, when they could choose a grass that almost feels like a carpet etc.

  2. This is such a beautiful home! I agree with you in that the horizontal thinking professionals need to be involved. Having a driveway with grass and cars constantly rolling over it might not be the best idea. Although it looks very cohesive with the nature around it, it doesn’t make sense.

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