Exercise 101- Guangzhou Opera House

  • title of the article: Guangzhou Opera House/ ZAHA HADID ARCHITECTS
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  • This is my favorite building in my hometown, i was shocked when i saw it at the first time, and i got in to get a tour. Zaha's design inspired me a lot and made me feel the power of a great building, i learnt a lot and more conformed my way by experiencing this opera. It is a 1800-seat opera house in the center of the city, designed by Zaha Hadid and was done in 2010. It was designed in a very well interplay between architecture and the nature. People can also have a fantastic experience travelling in it because of its interior, what's more it's the fold lines of this landscape.
  • https://www.archdaily.com/115949/guangzhou-opera-house-zaha-hadid-architects

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  1. I enjoy the amorphous shape of the opera house, as well as the industrial facade of the building. it creates an interesting relationship with the stark nature of the chinese skyline but maintains the industrial/urban look of the city.

  2. Been there before, it’s so cool with two highest buildings in Guangzhou at the background. Even inside gives me comfortable feelings. I also love Zaha’s designs because of her own style and the geometry things attracts me so much.

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