Exercise 101 – Pericles Bien – “The Powerful New Architecture of Clean Energy”

As an architecture student, I believe that it is our responsibility to challenge and expand current traditions and perspectives of architecture around the world. This want and need for change is highlighted within the article "The Powerful New Architecture of Clean Energy," written by Niall Patrick Walsh. He briefly describes how a shift is taking place in the way we as designers acknowledge the architecture of current energy infrastructure. The design behind industrial buildings was once "driven by raw economy and feasibility, with isolated locations creating little need for architectural beauty," but "merges a continuing need for efficiency and economy with architectural considerations that respond to a variety of contexts, whether it be urban or rural, built or natural, occupant or visitor." Walsh ends the article by giving 10 examples of many current industrial projects around the world, which each emphasize the shift in design ideologies in their own way.

Link to image:

  • https://search.creativecommons.org/photos/7e2b1e3d-2b1d-4696-bd2a-13df00a26040

Link to website:

  • https://www.archdaily.com/932600/the-powerful-new-architecture-of-clean-energy

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