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Anupama Kundoo has earned her the award for outstanding contributions to the theory and practice of architecture with this building. The Wall House is made up of "mud bricks" in opposed to regular bricks as it is more cost efficient. Her practice is centered on sustainable and low-impact building technologies while stressing suitable socioeconomic alternatives. Personally, I appreciate the warmth provided by the bricks, as well as the shared contact with the outdoors.

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  1. I really love the warmth of this! The ceiling is so interesting; it reminds me of big terra Cotta serving bowls, which feels appropriate over a table. Mud bricks are an ancient building material, so it’s fun seeing them juxtaposed with the very modern feeling polished concrete floors.

  2. I think the use of mud bricks as a cheaper, more sustainable material is a fantastic idea. I’ve never seen a design that utilizes mud brick in such a visually appealing way before.

  3. I like that the architect is finding sustainable, yet economic solutions to rapid urbanization. Which are essential incorporations within architecture that need to be implemented.

  4. I really like the architect’s idea of using economic and environmentally friendly materials to create her designs. The usage of the bricks in the photo gives me an old fashioned vibe.

  5. I really appreciate Kundoo’s use of sustainable resources in her projects. I agree that the use of mud bricks in The Wall House provides a great feeling of warmth. I also just really like the amount of texture the space includes with the different materials and how they play off one another.

  6. As the architect included bricks in the interior of the building, it helps bring warmth inside as well as unity with the exterior of the building. Having the tall windows helps bring in more light and warmth inside the space.

  7. Hi Rebeka,
    This is a wonderful design. Homes designed around nature/incorporating nature always tend to give off a peaceful feel. The fact that it is focused on sustainability is so important as well, something that will be talked about more and more as we move forward in time. Everyone must contribute to sustainable living.

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