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nCAVED house by MOLD Arcitects

The nCAVED house is a vacation residence with some unique features and construction. It is located on a rocky cove in the beautiful island of Greece called Serifos Island. It's a beautiful and modern look on underground houses and even better the front of the house has a perfect view of the ocean looking over to the east side. The rear windows open t frame indoor gardens which helps with the air flow and for the natural light to go through. This residence is not just for looks but also function.

Here is the link to this amazing residence:

  • https://www.archdaily.com/955138/ncaved-house-mold-architects

Comments (2)

  1. This structure looks like it belongs there! It perfectly highlights the landscape around it, without distracting you from Greece’s natural beauty. I believe it could fall under the architectural style Frank Lloyd Wright termed Organic Architecture, which focuses on balance and constructing buildings in harmony with nature.

  2. I like how this structure mingled into the slope of a hill. The large glass windows and the rock walls really cohered with its environment. Love the sea overlook. Beautiful!

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