Exercise 101 – Shanna Keil – Sky Garden

70 Rainey Sky Garden

This building is located in Austin, Texas, and takes a practical approach to combining nature and architecture. It is built upwards, using plants throughout the design for not only form, but function. It uses native plants that can withstand extreme temperatures and attract various pollinators. This building provides a lush refuge for people to relax, while also demonstrating that we can work with nature to create something beautiful that is beneficial to both humans and plants.

70 Rainey Sky Garden | Austin, USA | Design Workshop

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  1. I really like this structure and the private friendly environment in the middle of the building. At first, it looks quite risk because there are only columns. However, it shows the durability and strength of the columns.

  2. I like seeing buildings that combine nature and architecture because when we build something it takes away land from nature that it could have used. Since this building incorporates nature into the building, it allows this space we have taken to still be used by nature without any disturbance to the building or the people in it.

  3. I really love this type of building that combines architecture and nature. They choose to use woods as one of the materials for the building on the sky garden level, which helps to create the ambience of nature. I also like how they play with the square column arrangement, which makes it more exciting to look at rather than having a uniform arrangement.

  4. This is interesting in addition with the combination of nature and architecture it’s practical and environmentally sustainable as this approach does not waste more land but preserves it.

  5. I found this structure to be very interesting, I instantly was drown to the outside space. Its even more stunning in person. I was just in Austin last week. As soon as I saw your post it stood out to me since I had just seen it in person. The slanted beams make it difficult to believe that they are holding up that portion of the structure as they appear more slanted in person.

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