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This home contains a sequence of shifted L walls that provide different views for the couple that lives in it. This home was built in Japan by architects Ikeda Yukie Ono Toshiharu. Because the home was built on a countryside the architects and owner wanted to create an open and public space that could relate and almost be one with the nature they were surrounded by. The home contains many open spaces as well as some closed ones and represents an open life style. Adding on, the home contains a wall-less garden, simple hallways, a bamboo grove, and architecture that has to do with the L shifted walls that are adjusted to bring in views of light and nature. The article discusses how the architects wanted to bring in an element of "progression" and "unfolding" through having there be a bamboo grove and stream to the north and a sunny path in the south. Because of the home's architecture, it's sequence of L walls and almost zig-zagged like shape bring in different views of nature to the couple living in the home as each window looks out onto a view of the countryside from the main living spaces such as that of the kitchen and living room. In conclusion, this property was centered around the idea of nature and community and it's architecture is representative of that through the layout of shifted L walls that create different atmospheres through views of the countryside.

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  1. I love the unique L-shape of the roofs. You did a good job explaining why it was designed that way, saying that it helped to offer more sunlight and views of nature.

  2. There is wonderful flow of energy between indoor and outdoor space. This connection allows us to enjoy everyday life, feels more relaxed. The use of natural resources such as wood and store in combination with natural light and fresh countryside air is my favorite. I just added your house in my very favorites.

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