Exercise 101- William Boland- 3D printed homes

3D printed housing for the homeless

New Story a non-profit that has been building homes for the homeless in Haiti, El Salvador, Bolivia and Mexico has started using 3D printing technology to create homes in Mexico using cement.

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  1. Hi William!
    This is a great example of architecture changing the world for the better! I saw a video about this process a few weeks ago and thought it looked amazing. I love the application of technology and engineering to create more affordable living. The houses still have a very aesthetic appeal to them as well and I could see this form of construction becoming more mainstream in the future (as long as they are earthquake safe.)

  2. Ive read other articles about 3rd printed house’s and i really like the idea behind it. I think the whole cost behind building house’s would go way down if we went toward 3rd printed house’s. plus you could go anywhere to print house’s. Maybe one day you could buy a kit online to print the house of your dreams .

  3. Mark Anthony White

    Wow this is very intriguing. It quite appreciative to be in an era where you get to see architectural approaches evolve. I can see more this being the standard for building homes in the future. It would be more affordable to build and focus more on sustainability. Amazing.

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