Exercise 101 Zaheer Shujayee-The Elemental

The Elemental is a home in Bangalore India, it uses large, open walls to allow the home to be filled with natural light. The home also features incredibly modern and meticulously crafted geometry, which combined with raw, yet elegantly used materials such as exposed concrete, wood, and copper, creates an incredibly modern aesthetic. I really enjoyed seeing an incredibly contemporary design and construction and how that plays with the environment the home is in. The home has a very open floor plans and large windows that when photographed causes the viewer to take an extra moment to parse whether that photo was taken indoors or out.


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  1. Such a unique layout, I like the idea of open walls allowing much light to come in. I also love the modernized feel combined with the visual of nature with the trees and pond alongside the home. The concrete and wood add a calming and almost meditational feel to the home.

  2. That staircase is such a statement, but it’s the giant window and views of the garden and pond that make that living area spectacular.

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