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Located in Porto Cervo, Italy, Myrto Restaurant underwent a restyling this year. The architecture group in charge of this project, Studio Wok, drew inspiration from the site's Mediterranean landscape.The interior of Myrto takes on the shape of a cave with rounded corners in the walls and ceiling to mimic the granite rocks along the coast that are shaped by the wind to create livable-looking structures. The interior also utilizes Earth tones in it's color pallet to echo the Mediterranean landscape. The outdoor patio utilizes a light weight roof that interacts with the sun and wind while still providing a glimpse of the sky to create, what feels like, an underwater cave.

The light Earth tones and curved edges that are being utilized in the building create a comforting, calming and clean aesthetic. The idea behind the restyling of the Myrto restaurant was to mimic the landscape of Porto Cervo and the Mediterranean so as to not take away from the natural beauty of the scenery but rather to celebrate and fit into it.


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  1. The restaurant design seems to encourage focusing on food and its blessed environment.
    I can imagine dining free of structural or decor distractions and immerse in the natural landscape with appreciation.

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