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"Architecture That Inspires Exercise"

This article highlights an element in architecture that is not often considered when designing a building: exercise. The article mentions the parkour mecca in Berlin, Germany named Mount Mitte. Although it is not a building in the traditional sense, to me it fills me with adrenaline simply by looking at how fun it looks to move around the structure. I think these structures are not just fun to exercise in, but also a great way to be incredibly creative when designing such structures, not to mention that it can be an instant city attraction.

Link to article: https://www.architectmagazine.com/technology/architecture-that-inspires-exercise_o

Image address:Mount Mitte

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  1. This may not be a building in a sense but this structure is built with a purpose. And creating a building with a focus of having children and young teen to run around and get exercise is never a bad thing.

  2. The feeling I get from looking at this structure makes me want to climb and explore different ways to navigate, which certainly motivates me to exercise more than a gym would.

  3. To me, this structure really captures nostalgia and childhood, and I really like that. Sure maybe some adults and teens will look at this and say “no it seems a bit extreme” but to any kid, it looks like the most fun in the world

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