Exercise 103 – Gracia Movi Kusnadi

This is a picture of a female polar bear in Svalbard and was taken from a snowmobile. It caught my interest because this is not an everyday life animal, the photograph managed to capture the bear at the right moment when it is walking towards the snowmobile. The whole background is covered in snow and it can be considered as a type of "patterns & repetition" because the bear breaks the composition of the background in a supporting way. Besides that, it contains the rule of thirds, where the bear is positioned near the bottom right corner.

Taken by: Daniele Bertin


Comments (2)

  1. this is a photo makes you look at it more then once the first time you see the bear and then the you see its not all white but show in the background after that you can finally see his footprints in the show. it hides the some detail to let you find something new everytime

  2. Also there is a path from where the bear came from which makes your eyes trace back to the start. I think what makes this picture unique like Alejandro mentioned is the dominant white in the image really camouflages the bear. I’m kinda pushing it in what I see, but if you stare long enough, you realize that the page could be flat, like an optical illusion, from the all white.

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