Exercise 103

source: @rayscorruptedmind https://www.pinterest.com/pin/659214464178408037/

This is a photo taken of rapper Playboi Carti, was taken on a Canon T3i. It is a very warm image that presents the rapper in the center of the photo but upon further inspection you notice that the photographer uses the cross pendant to catch your eye. This photograph has no blur and takes advantage of everything in the image, the background of the image is mostly mute colors that make the brightly dressed rapper stand out. This image feels rich, the use of colors and how the photo was taken emphasizes the rapper and sort of has him radiating his presence throughout the image.

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  1. Photo has a film photography feel to it. The way the shadows are tinted and the overall green look gives a very nostalgic vibe. Looks almost as if this is a supreme campaign shot by kids.

  2. Man I gotta say I love this one you picked. It’s so cool with his gold chain and SUPREME logo, and the back ground build make him more swag on this one.

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