Exercise 103

This image utilizes a couple compositional techniques including telling a story—showing the mood of the elephants and the actions of them (walking in mud)—and using strong diagonals, beginning from the left side of the elephants ear going down towards the shadow of it's back feet.  I would say the photographer is also using the rule of thirds by placing the middle of the elephant's  trunk on the left line and including a strong background/setting.  The photographer uses a high shutter speed (we can see the details in the elephants along with the details of the background).  This image caught my eye because of the different positions of the animals and how it focuses on the main elephant without getting rid of the rest of the herd.  Here is the link to the photo.

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  1. I enjoy this picture because elephants are amazing creatures, and I agree with your statement about the photographer using high shutter speed and the rule of thirds.

  2. The picture is very inspiring because the competition. The photographer made a great job on rules of third and high shutter speed. Also, he used a macro lens which make the elephant more real and interesting.

  3. enjoyed this photo so much, It’s so lively. It follows the rule of third and the ISO is in great control and made the elephants more lively.

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