Exercise 103

This photograph of the Golden Gate bridge is stunning. It has an ethereal quality to it as it seems to have been taken near sundown, which illuminates the shape of the fog that surrounds the bridge with colors. Compositional techniques that the photographer used are the rule of thirds and overlapping layers. The bridge is shifted to the right by a third of the image, which makes the viewer imagine how the bridge continues under the fog on the left. There are multiple overlapping layers used, with fog being the first, the bridge being the second, fog again being the third, the cityscape of San Francisco being the fourth, and finally the sky being the last. The shutter speed must be at a precise fraction of a second as the Golden Gate Bridge's details are intricate, as well as the buildings in the background being in focus. This particular image is noteworthy as it represents San Francisco with a breathtaking view of the Golden Gate Bridge and lit buildings in the background.


By Kaye Azucenas

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  1. The fog in front of and behind the bridge create a very nice layering effect. Traditional layering may include landscape and hills, so the use of fog to create layers in the image came out looking fantastic.

  2. I like this photo even though it seems a bit unnutural, I think the person adjusted the white balance.

  3. This picture is amazing, it so well captured, it uses the rule of third and the fog helps create layers.

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