Exercise 103

This photo was taken by Maria Giovanna Mureddu in September 23, 2018. She used Canon EOS 600D.

The reason why I picked this photo is because of the lights and city. It is really hard to capture precise light in night. However, this photographer succeed. She might took the photo by using long shutter speed time and low ISO. Thus, she could get

As we see the photo, we can realize that the angle of the photo is taken from the bottom of the city to the top of the buildings ans the sky. She used "Diagonal" technique in this photo. This allows the viewers to feel as if they were watching in that specific time and area with the photographer. This is important because the viewers can get into the photo and understand the intend of the photographer.

Also, she used the "Rule of Thirds." The skyscrapers are located in. the one-third of the bottom of the photo and the other area is filled with the night sky with the stars. This shows the harmony of the city and the sky and has stability.

To get more information, here is the link: https://www.flickr.com/photos/146438122@N02/46616450271/in/photolist-2e2kuze-rjFokA-2aboQWb-2ek8omE-2diQEem-csubPQ-pic9rk-jfc3MY-UMwEiD-p5ZKRt-ZRmPBC-bnrM5M-NGJJ44-cWugfh-dV92A9-EQddH6-27jFVP5-nBCADa-MuYvHf-2bq4DEE-XQp24T-21F9Cf1-aiwq94-n5jPHS-GyY1X6-2bru5JV-2cVgyBD-2bhjafx-nadkbF-Tkguby-2bCnvC6-dxCALE-qjo2dN-dTxM7P-2b5h77p-JRtLWN-2dsjEV7-qoPRT4-24yebn9-2essKES-2cw6BUz-jEY9mw-qA2WqF-aK81ap-opzT8A-28qirsg-nDqgiB-2crSwoA-29Fa2jy-ZiEzD1

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  1. I agree that it took skill for the photographer to capture the lights of the buildings at night, and at first I didn’t see the rule of thirds but after reading your description it became obvious!

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