Exercise 103

This photograph I found really stood out to me. I believe the photographer utilizes the "Telling a Story" technique with this image. The image is thought provoking to the viewer. It makes you wonder where the road leads to and where the people driving are going. I believe the photographer could also be using the "Overlapping Layers" technique as the image goes from the hills, to the city, to the hills in the background, and lastly the sky. I took a photography class last semester and we would take images similar to these by opening the shutter speed for longer periods of time.

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  1. I also really like photos which had been taken with long shutter speed. It captures the movement and color of the lights vivid and festive.

  2. I like how the shutter speed allows for pictures like these to stand out especially in the later hours of the day when the the city is full of lights.

  3. This image is beautiful, the long shutter speed causes the car light to smooth out causing the appearance of no cars. This make the image more clean and not messy with the cars in the photo. I love the photo’s idea.

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