Exercise 103

This image uses a number of techniques in its composition.

While perhaps it does not follow the rule of thirds, it can be split into thirds, following the vertical lines on either side of the man. The first technique the photo uses is symmetry, which is used to accentuate the man, as he is not quite centered, drawing our eyes to him, as well as to the right wall. However, the way the right wall breaks the pattern set by the left and center walls is what truly sets it apart. The right wall, or should I say window, uses layers to increase the depth of the photograph. The first layer is the window, which is on the same plane as the wall the man is standing on.The second is the wall behind it, as well as the balcony.  Behind that is the cityscape, and finally, behind that, is the sky. This is interesting because, instead of this layering becoming the focus of the photo, it adds to it and almost becomes part of the pattern again, due to the similar colors of the background. This photo also uses the framing technique, which is evident in with the center third. The concrete panel frames the man, placing him squarely in the center of attention.

Some other interesting notes about this photo are that the colors the man is wearing contrasts with the surroundings, even though the area surrounding him contain many of the photographic techniques used, as opposed to them being used on him. Additionally, he is wearing the only bright colors in the photo, with his shoes being (relatively) bright orange/brown, and some of the lining on his hoodie being bright red. Otherwise, his outfit has a similar color scheme as his surroundings, especially the gutter near his feet, which his shoes provide a kind of "break" to separate him from it.

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