Exercise 103

A road leads between to massive buildings towards a distant mountain. This photo by Marco Devon exemplifies a number of compositional techniques.

  1. The road passes from the city into another, mist-shrouded landscape, telling a story and drawing the viewer deeper
  2. The buildings to the left and right create symmetry and frame the landscape. Enough variation exists, principally in the vegetation and mountain, to offset any rigidity and activate the space
  3. The distant mountain contrasts with the architecture by textual difference and having a diagonal orientation
  4. There are numerous overlapping planes
  5. The building on the right and the tree tops fall on lines of thirds
  6. The architectural units of the skyscrapers forms a pattern and repetition

By including a large focal range, Devon captures a great swath of land between the foreground road and the mountain. The overcast, moody weather adds emotion and mystery to the image.


By j.beaird

Digital gardens and internal architecture

Comments (5)

  1. This is a very interesting photograph. It looks like it could be an album cover or maybe the establishing shot in a music video. The image definitely “tells a story” and I appreciate the stark contrast between the heavily vegatated mountains in the background and the two skyscrapers on either side of the road. The buildings look like they were suddenly placed in an environment that would almost otherwise be completely natural.

  2. This image follows several of the compositional techniques as you listed, the first few that I noticed is how there is a lot of overlapping in the photo, as well as the symmetry of the offsetting mountain to the left. Along with the repletion and pattern with the building and with the trees along the road.

  3. This photo looks really modern. The structure of symmetry is most visible, and the end line of building can be criterion of “Rule of Thirds”. I do not know which camera mode it used, but I like the color tone that gives the picture a dark feeling. Also, I think that the harmony between modern buildings and natural trees adds vitality of this photo.

  4. I think the outline of the building also functions as diagonals and created a contrast between the erect buildings and the curved outline of the road. The image has three layers: the road, the buildings and the mountain. I think it is also interesting that the photographer did not take the photo in the middle of the road to make the picture more symmetrical. I wonder why he did that. The last reason I like this photo is because it is taken in HongKong which is where I live!

  5. HI, JOEL. I really like this photo. I like the feeling that when you focus on the mountain in background, it actually like opening the door and get a clear view of outside. It’s so comfortable.

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