Exercise 103 – Kelli Uemura

Not only does this image apply to what is happening around us right now, its composition and simplicity define it all. The slight symmetry with the trees and fire define what tell the story of what is happening in California. It tells us Californians and others from around the world what is happening to the lovely greenery surrounding us. However, the trees in the photo are not green, they are black and in shadows as they are currently burning down. The orange-yellow color of the fire adds a contrasting composition from the darker nature. The foreground of the photo even adds a sense of depth to the image as well. In the foreground you can see some trees right at the front. As you move farther back in depth, the less black you see and more orange appears. The fluidity of the contrasting colors keeps your eye moving throughout the image.

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  1. This picture is a great example of “telling a story”. At first glance, it did not seem like a fire but more of lights, maybe because the photographer use depth of field to to highlight the fire. I also agree that the colors between dark and orange-yellow adds contrasting composition.

  2. This picture has great contrast and fires truly do give off a glowing highlight, making them stand out. At first glance you could think it is a beautiful scene, when it is absolutely tragic and deathly. You did a great job at explaining the photographers use of certain techniques!

  3. This photo highlights the catastrophic events that have unfortunately become a common reoccurrence. This is a great example for “Telling a Story,” it invokes a depressing mood, truly heartbreaking.

  4. This photo is a perfect example of “telling a story”. As this picture shows the catastrophe that is going on in the the forests of California. No words are needed to understand what is going on, and how earthshaking it all is.

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