Exercise 103

This image taken of the amazon jungle features a skyline with some type of tall trunk tree sticking out of the bush of the rest of the jungle which covers the bottom of the image. Parallel to the trees you get a contrasting background of a brown and grey rocky mounting range fading into the mistiness of the high altitude sky. The mountain to the left of the image peaks the trees and its summit trails down right towards the connection of the trunks and explosion of green standing out in front. A story about the beauty in detail when in close connection can be told by the blandness and broadness in the ever-expansive view of the jungle on the mountains being covered by the popping desirable flourish of green life stemming upwards of the image.

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  1. I think this is a beautiful photo showing the trees up close and the tall trees on the the right side with the mountain in the background on the left. The lighting of the background where the mountain is gives it gives it a look of more depth.

  2. This picture follows the rule of thirds very subtlety and I really like that. The mountain takes up a third of the picture, and I like that it’s layered into the background. The overlapping layers make it seem like the viewer is in the scene. Having the fog get thicker in between the mountains gives a sense of depth as well as what it might feel like if you were there with the photographer while they were taking it.

  3. I agree with Camille that the rule of this is very prevalent in this photo. The majority of the bright green forest takes up the bottom third and the mountain on the left takes up a third of the picture as well. I would also point out the overlapping layers in this photo. I really like how, with each successive layer, the objects get more foggy and blurred and less detailed. It gives a very mysterious effect to the photo like you can only see what’s right in front of you but don’t know what lays ahead.

  4. This photo has tons of cool aspects to it such as the mountain in the background and the consistent green pattern that the forest down below gives off however, I really enjoy the tall trees in this photo. I like how each tree is parallel to the other, and I think the photographer did a fantastic job highlight this detail.

  5. This photo uses a lot of different composition techniques that really tells the story. It uses rule of thirds on the cluster of trees on the right side of the image. It’s got layers with the forest up close and mountains in the background. These techniques makes its strong photo!

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