Exercise 103 – Adrienne Laing (Calcote)

Consider the phrase "less is more" when you want your audience to focus on and explore a single subject with their eyes. That is what William Mullan has done in their book of still life photographs Odd Apples that studies rare varieties of apples. The subject and composition of this particular image is fairly simple, it is just an apple centered in a well lit shot against a blue background, yet this composition is very effective in making the apple the center of attention and making the viewer question what is so special about it and what story it has to tell. The symmetrical apple is cut at an angle which activates the image and exposes this bright pinkish red flesh that contrasts against the blue background. As you are drawn into the image do you think of a small seed growing into a fruitful tree baring these lovely and tasty gems? Are you maybe curious about what variety this is and what it would taste like?

Link to image: https://pocket-syndicated-images.s3.amazonaws.com/5f64a95f5b559.jpg

Photo credit: William Mullan

By Adrienne

Adrienne is focusing on creating her design and writing portfolios as she pursues a freelance career. Adrienne is currently working on defining her niche and personal brand and would like to develop content for web and printed media that explores philosophy, art, and popular culture.

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  1. Hi Adrienne, I like this picture and the way you introduce it. I think it taste very juicy and sweet. I like this picture because every color of it is very saturated and vivid, which makes this apple look delicious. Such brightly colored photos are particularly easy to attract my attention. Thank you for sharing the picture!

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